About Hundskolan Vision
By offering courses and training activities, Hundskolan Vision wishes to help dog owners all across Sweden to take advantage of their dog's qualities so that it can thrive in the environment that best suits its character.

Hundskolan Vision offers a varied selection of courses and training for dogs. The courses range from puppy training and general obedience training to special courses for sporting dogs and courses for problem dogs. Hundskolan Vision also tailors courses to specific needs.

Hundskolan Vision is owned and operated by Mattias Westerlund.
Mattias is a trainer and instructor and has previously worked at the State's Dog School in Sollefte [Hundskolan i Sollefte]. Mattias has experience in training most service dog types such as mine detection dogs, drug dogs, police dogs, guide dogs and therapy dogs along with instructing their handlers, in addition to courses and training activities. Mattias has had the unique opportunity to train and work with hundreds of dogs, both in Sweden and internationally.

The latest in Hundskolan Vision's range is WebDog - courses and instructions online. With WebDog you can start your training at home or wherever you are by simply downloading the app to your computer or smartphone. Then you're ready to start training.
You can also download a descriptive text that can assist you in the training.