Welcome to Hundskolan Vision and WebDog. Have you ever dreamed that a professional trainer would turn up to help you with a dog problem while you are out for a walk, hiking through the woods or sitting at home on your sofa?

Now it is possible with Hundskolan Vision and WebDog. Together we will train your dog wherever you are. I will guide you step by step so that you yourself can carry out the dog training. With WebDog you can start your training at home or wherever you are by simply downloading the film to your computer or smartphone. Then you're ready to start training.

You can also download a descriptive text that can assist you in the training. Why not print it out? (so that you have it available even if you find yourself without power.)The next step is to follow this training model. Good luck!

In the menu on the left you can go in and see examples of what you can teach your dog with the help of the films and texts.

If you wish to have personal contact and for me to meet you and your dog, there are several options to choose from. You and some other dog owners can organise a training session or you can come to Hundskolan Vision to train your dog. The choice is yours. Welcome!

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Below is an example of what you can train your dog to do with the support of the various texts and films.
Find more at www.webdog.nu.