Boarding Kennels
Hundskolan Vision has one of Europe's most modern boarding kennels! The kennels are built to passive house standards and with environmentally friendly material throughout the entire construction.

It is beautifully situated on the private cape Muossejetjolme, 60 metres from Lake Aisjaure and with a 5 hectare spread of land where the dogs can run free; under the supervision of a dog trainer of course. It can hardly get better than that. A three kilometre private road with land on either side ensures your dogs' safety. There are expansive areas for different types of special training.
-customised obedience courses
-special fields for training of search patterns
-special training with water features and water retrieving
An paradise for sporting dogs, regardless of whether they are bird dogs, retrievers, elkhounds following/tracking down game, scenthounds for hare or foxes, or bear dogs. Not to mention trackers and search dogs where the woodland is almost insatiable. Out here you do not need to re-use the same area of land for tracking twice in several weeks.
Unique ?- Absolutely! Leave your dog in the capable hands of a professional trainer, either to receive training or just because you are going away on a trip.

Rules in brief:
- board and accommodation according to the Swedish Kennel Club's (SKK) Board Agreement
- the dogs should be vaccinated and insured

Price SEK 250 per day
SEK 100 per additional dog
Food is included
Book preferably via e-mail
For extended board, ask for a quotation